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Government/Public Property

The government bodies responsible for city, county and state properties have obligations to keep property in a safe condition. The following are illustrations of cases we have handled representing injured people due to the negligence of city, county or state governments related to the maintenance of property or premises in Kentucky and Indiana:

Glen M.

Glen M. was injured when he fell through and into a water meter because the cover had not been bolted down. As a result, he twisted his knee and fell approximately one foot into the hole striking his lower leg. As a result, he suffered a serious bone bruise and underwent physical therapy and had to wear a knee brace and take prescription pain medication. As a result of the injury to his knee and his activity limitations, he was unable to work for approximately two months for his construction company and suffered significant lost wages. This case was resolved when the Louisville Water Company settled the claim prior to the lawsuit being filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Gwendolyn P.

Gwendolyn P., a woman who worked for the Greater Louisville Convention and Business Bureau, was injured during her lunch break while walking down Fourth Street in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. As she was walking down the street, she stepped onto an area where a water meter was placed, and apparently the cover had been removed and not put back on. When she stepped into the hole, she fell forward injuring her left ankle, her right knee and her right shoulder. The Louisville Water Company refused to settle prior to the lawsuit being filed, and after the lawsuit was filed, defended the case by alleging that someone other than the Water Company had removed the cover and placed it aside. Shortly before the trial was to begin in Jefferson County, Kentucky, the Louisville Water Company settled the claim with the injured woman.

Marlene J.

Marlene J., a young woman in the Portland neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky, was injured while walking across her front yard toward the front door of her house. When she stepped on a water meter cover, which appeared to be flush with the ground, it gave way, and she fell into the hole. After falling into the hole, she called the water company, and she told them about the unsecured cover. It was four days before the Louisville Water Company sent someone out to secure the cover. The young lady required knee surgery due to a torn MCL. The Louisville Water Company refused to take responsibility for the young lady’s injuries until after a lawsuit was filed and shortly before the trial was to begin in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Sandra S.

Sandra S., a LaGrange, Kentucky, woman, was injured at a high school in Oldham County, Kentucky, when she tripped and fell over bleachers during a school play. This woman was assisting with the production of a high school play, and the lights in the auditorium were turned off prior to her finding her way to her seat. She tripped over the bleachers and fractured her ankle. Prior to filing the lawsuit, Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, the insurance company for the school, denied responsibility upon the mistaken belief that schools could not be sued in Kentucky. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed against the school, the claim was settled by Ohio Casualty Insurance Company and without the need for protracted litigation in Oldham County, Kentucky.

Susan I.

Susan I. was a University of Louisville student who was injured inside the Humanities building at the University of Louisville when she slipped and fell in water that had pooled around the first floor landing at the bottom of the stairs. It was explained to the student that a pipe had burst and was leaking water and that the physical plant and custodial services had not had an opportunity to fix the pipe prior to her fall. As a result of the fall, the student experienced lower back, right knee and right hip pain. She was unable to attend classes at the University of Louisville for several weeks, and she also missed time from her job as a CNA at a long-term care facility. The claim was settled by Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc., the insurance carrier for the University of Louisville, without a lawsuit having to be filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

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