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Restaurants And Bars

The following are illustrations of cases we have handled representing injured people due to the negligence of restaurants and bars in Kentucky and Indiana:

Betty T.

Betty T., a customer of a McDonald’s located in Springfield, Kentucky, was injured while sitting at a table and eating her meal. Construction work was being done on the roof of the McDonald’s, and one of the workers dropped a nail gun through the ceiling which landed on the customer’s head. As a result of the injury to the customer’s head, she had severe pain to her face and head, and she was diagnosed with a concussion and a closed head injury. In the days following the incident, she began to have neck pain, and she began physical therapy and taking prescription medication, including Darvocet and Vicodin. Ultimately, she used a tens unit at home. She continued to experience headaches, light-headedness and dizziness, and she was diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome.

As a result of the nail gun dropping through the ceiling of the restaurant, the customer sustained extensive medical expenses, suffered considerable pain and discomfort and also lost wages because she was unable to work for the cellphone company.

Unbelievably, the insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer on the case, and the lawsuit was filed in Boyle County, Kentucky. The case settled just weeks before the trial was to start when the insurance company for the restaurant finally made a reasonable settlement offer that was several multitudes of the original offer made on the claim.

Jayson G.

A family had just finished a tee-ball game in Bardstown, Kentucky, when they stopped to get some food at a Wendy’s located in Nelson County, Kentucky. The family was on their way home for a birthday party for one of the children, and they had over 50 guests that had RSVPd for the party. When two of the boys went to the restroom, the heavy bathroom door slammed shut on one of the boy’s fingers, Jayson G., amputating the fingertip. The young boy was rushed to the emergency room, but the doctor’s were unable to reattach the portion of the finger. The young boy treated with Kleinert & Kutz where he underwent fingernail removal and repair and underwent surgery as part of the finger bone was exposed. In addition, he underwent extensive physical therapy.

Videotape footage of the bathroom door demonstrated that anyone, whether young or elderly, would have no more than two seconds to exit the bathroom before the heavy door slammed shut. The insurance company for the Nelson County, Kentucky, Wendy’s store settled the case with the family after the lawsuit was filed in Nelson County, Kentucky.

Janet P.

Janet P., a Louisville, Kentucky, woman, was injured while a patron at a bar located in St. Matthews, Kentucky. The bar had inadequate lighting to allow the woman to see steps leading off of an elevated area, causing her to fall. As a result of the fall, she injured her foot and had to undergo physical therapy. The insurance company for the bar ultimately settled the case without the necessity of a lawsuit being filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Darlene B.

Darlene B. was traveling on a vacation with her family on the way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, prior to stopping at a Shoney’s in Covington, Kentucky, to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, food had spilled off the breakfast buffet all over the floor, and the customer slipped on some of the spilled food causing her to fall, landing on her knees and forearms. Although they continued on their trip to Gatlinburg, she did ultimately have to go to the emergency room upon arriving due to her continued pain. When she returned home, she followed up with her primary care doctor who diagnosed her with a fractured elbow. She underwent elbow surgery and underwent extensive physical therapy as a result of her injuries. She incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills, and she sustained lost wages when she was unable to work at her job for the newspaper, not to mention she missed out on the benefit of her vacation. The insurance company for Shoney’s refused to make any offer prior to the lawsuit being filed. After extensive litigation in Northern Kentucky, the case was settled before a trial started in Kenton County, Kentucky.

Joel T.

Joel T., from Newport, Kentucky, was on a business trip to Louisville, Kentucky, and was having dinner at a Bahama Breeze restaurant. This particular gentleman had an above-the-knee prosthesis on his left leg and walked with the assistance of two canes. While proceeding to the men’s bathroom, he passed through the bar area that was composed completely of ceramic tile. During the course of the night, drinks and other liquids had spilled onto this tiled area. The customer fell on the slick floor and landed on his right leg and hip. As a result of the fall, the man was unable to work for several weeks as the owner and operator of a marketing, advertising and consulting firm located in Campbell County, Kentucky. As a result, he sustained wage loss, and he also had to undergo physical therapy for treatment to his right leg and hip. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, the insurance company for this Bahama Breeze, ultimately settled the customer’s claim without the lawsuit being filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Tim H.

Tim H., a young loan officer who was engaged to be married, was injured at a Dairy Queen in Middletown, Kentucky, while sitting outside at one of the steel tables. The steel table leg had rusted out, and when the young man sat down, the concrete table top fell on his lower leg. He was ultimately diagnosed with soft tissue injuries, contusions and abrasions to his calf. He underwent physical therapy and also treated with an orthopedist. Dairy Queen refused to make any offer of settlement on this clear-cut accident until after a lawsuit had been filed against them in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and a trial had been scheduled.

Linda L.

Linda L., a disabled woman, was present at a McDonald’s restaurant at Owensboro, Kentucky. After purchasing her food, she turned, slipped and fell in some vomit. As a result, she fractured her ankle. A lawsuit was filed against McDonald’s in Daviess County, Kentucky. After the lawsuit was filed, a videotape from McDonald’s was discovered that revealed the time between when the child became sick and when the woman fell, demonstrating sufficient time for the employees to observe the condition and take some measure to clean it up or place signs in the area. The insurance company for the McDonalds settled the case prior to a trial being scheduled in Daviess County, Kentucky.

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